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Use Systems to Create Creativity & Freedom

Learning systems and having discipline are so important when it comes to bringing any dream into reality and allowing our creativity to flow. As we start consistently learning new systems every single day we can sometimes start to feel like we are in a box and very un-creative. I’ve spent the last few months setting up, having fun, experimenting, learning about sandblasting, vector graphic design software and e-commerce. Recently, getting my online shop rocking and rolling has been one heck […]

Do What You Enjoy & The Money Will Follow

Hello, and welcome to Rock Solid Sayings Engraving’s first post, my name is Steven AKA Sandcarver Steve. Thanks a ton for stopping by! This is the flagship website of RSS Engraving where you can browse our Engraving Galleries, find information about Stores & Events where you get your very own solid saying stones. This Rock Solid Sayings Blog is where I’ll be sharing more than a few of my favorite sayings and quotes. Eventually, it’ll have a variety of posts […]