Use Systems to Create Creativity & Freedom

Learning systems and having discipline are so important when it comes to bringing any dream into reality and allowing our creativity to flow. As we start consistently learning new systems every single day we can sometimes start to feel like we are in a box and very un-creative.

I’ve spent the last few months setting up, having fun, experimenting, learning about sandblasting, vector graphic design software and e-commerce. Recently, getting my online shop rocking and rolling has been one heck of a system to learn and implement, on top of figuring out each system it includes. Sometimes I start to feel like I’m in a box. But, I still have a lot I want to do, learn about, and create for my new online shop. Including how I’m going to start offering custom orders.

I just have to remember that great things take time. If we stick with systems long enough we get better in them which free our minds up and that is what gives us the freedom and the ability to get more creative.

“All freedom comes from discipline” – Anne Lamott

Lot’s of people just change to the newest system instead of changing only when a system doesn’t work for them anymore. If we’re in a system now that we know is not working it is important to change systems but its also important to stick with a system long enough to master it.

“Discipline Creates Freedom” Randi Gage

Learning a new system sometimes is the most challenging thing because it takes a long time to learn new systems. This is why we require more discipline and even need more systems that create self-discipline.

There are all sorts of systems, operating systems, economic systems, diet systems, exercise systems. We need systems and discipline in all areas of life.

A system can be as simple as writing down your thoughts at night to keep your mind clear. Trying to hold all your ideas in your head can keep us from being our most creative.

Some systems are more complicated, like operating a Woocomerce store, and can take a long while learning but the more we learn systems, the more we’ll be able to get things done in less time.

“Through discipline comes freedom” – Aristotle

For me, adding the habit of writing at least 50 words into my morning routine has helped me become more creative and efficient at writing posts, pages, and product listings. This ends up giving me more time to get creative engraving rocks and such later in the day. I’ve also have been using a daily to-do list for managing projects and daily tasks one at a time. Something awesome I learned from “The Sacred Six” process, an effective system for getting things done.

My new business and I are a work in progress as I put one foot in front of the other. One task at a time.

The more discipline we have and the more systems we have in place ultimately lead to more time & creativity.

“Discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishments” – Jim Rohn

Structuring our habits and discipline are the only real ways to create freedom. Discipline, dedication, and devotion suck at times, but determination pays off in the end.

What sort of systems might you use to get more creative? What sorts of systems might help you become faster and more efficient?

Discipline + Systems = Freedom & Creativity

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