Do What You Enjoy & The Money Will Follow

Hello, and welcome to Rock Solid Sayings Engraving’s first post, my name is Steven AKA Sandcarver Steve. Thanks a ton for stopping by!

This is the flagship website of RSS Engraving where you can browse our Engraving Galleries, find information about our upcoming Shows & Events as well as Retail Locations where you get your very own solid saying stones.

This Rock Solid Sayings Blog is where I’ll be sharing more than a few of my favorite sayings and quotes. Eventually, it’ll have a variety of posts customers can use to find the right saying or quote for them. This blog will serve as a valuable resource for people to find just the right saying they want to be engraved for that special gift.

You know how everyone is always saying “Do what you enjoy and the money will follow”?

Well. I enjoy being creative, designing and personalizing stuff, creating things that last, things that help, that inspire, that remind us, or just make us laugh. I can’t say I love writing so much but after doing it more often, I’ve actually come to enjoy writing too. I’ve created this website to support my sandblasting hobby where I use an abrasive blasting cabinet to custom engrave natural stone, as well as some crystal/glass, metal, coffee cups and more.

Needing to make money from something you enjoy can really suck the fun out of that certain something fast. So, I’ve been taking my time building this profitable hobby part-time as I brainstorm, plan, network, learn and build.

“Rome wasn’t built in a day but they were laying bricks every hour.”

Life will always have Important Milestones

After doing a ton of research it looks like a good amount of business will come from engraving awards and helping people celebrate life’s important milestones like buying a new home, getting married, starting a family, graduating, retirement and more. Seems like this could turn out to be quite a noble craft.

I will be offering a variety of natural stone and other sand blastable products like wine glasses, shot glasses, jars, glass cups, porcelain cups, metal thermos tumblers, and tiles.

With sandblasting, the possibilities are limited only by your imagination. So far I’ve blasted some Herb Garden Stones, a few recognition stones, affirmation stones, and Inspiration/Motivational, and even a few glow-in-the-dark stones. Other ideas include, wedding stones, pet rocks, coordinate stones, commemorative stones, family stones, memorial stones,  garden stones, even stop-smoking stones, and the list goes on.

There is something immutable, enduring, and everlasting about images and words carved into natural stones

This custom engraving business idea first came to me when I encountered a natural stone engraver’s booth at a local art fair in Michigan. I purchased one of his engraved rocks. I just thought it was so neat, so simple, so natural. But I also thought I could do a lot more with sandblasting myself. I wanted to design rocks and more so I started learning about the sand carving process by watching a bunch of YouTube videos and studying The Art Process & Technique of Natural Stone Engraving by Randi Hodges.

I was looking for a creative outlet that would end up being my rock-solid business.  Sand carving is just the thing to get me there. Doing everything myself as I learn about successfully growing my business is quite a challenge.  But, now I’ve finally got this site up and running. As I write this I’m still working on getting everything organized in all the categories and introducing a simple custom ordering process.

Soon We’ll be branching out and selling at vendor markets and looking for shops to carry my products. Seems like I missed the application due date for my local farmers market but there is always next year and plenty of other markets to vend at. Graphic designing, sand carving, and gardening are my three creative outlets now. I’ve been working almost every day trying to “make this club go up”, learning new skills that enhance my talents and putting systems in place.

Every Day is An Opportunity To Get Better. Having simple stones around as positive reminders or affirmations can really help remind us to stay in the right mindset. It’s so easy to start thinking negative or let yourself get distracted.

The Big Shot Is Just The Little Shot Who Kept Shooting

Hey, that is a good saying for a shot glass, don’t you think?

Talk to Y’all soon,
Onward and upward!

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